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With a long family history in furniture making, Holly has always been interested in interiors and aesthetics. Having worked for both Sofa.com and Pooky, she was exposed to many inspiring and highly creative people in the interiors industry, learning about product design, fabrics, textures and interior styling. 

After a move back to Suffolk, where she grew up, Holly took on refurbishing a 16th century farmhouse along with its beautiful established gardens.  With little gardening knowledge, Holly and her family have thrown themselves into understanding their responsibility to diversify their surroundings and have set about planting a wild flower meadow, an orchard, introducing bee hives and planting 250 trees and counting.

The idea of Far From The Madding Crowd was born out of Holly’s love of injecting creativity into her life, home and garden.  She has thrived in learning new skills and crafts as she continues to elevate her home and create moments in time with family and friends.

Far From The Madding Crowd celebrates the art of living well- finding joy in every day moments and relishing learning new skills.  Through our creative workshops and courses, we strive to offer soul enhancing experiences in our beautiful surroundings in Suffolk.